Outras Utilizações

Outras Utilizações

In the wide world of the appliance, there are many other applications where the advantages of SAATIdomus filter media are perceived. The consistent filtration efficiency, good mechanical properties, workability and compatibility with the molding process make SAATIdomus the ideal solution for any application where a fluid must be filtered from any kind of foreign particles. (i.e. kettles, ink cartridge for printing machines..)


Features & Benefits:


  • Manufactured with FDA Polymers approved
  • Smooth Monofilament Fiber
  • Polyester, Polyamide or Polypropylene filtration fabrics
  • Uniform Pore Size from 7 to 2000 μm
  • High Open Area
  • Possibility to have food grade according to Regulation EU 10/2011
  • Customized shape parts
  • Precise Selective Filtration
  • Minimal Pressure Loss & High Flow Rates




  • Inkjet cartridges
  • Kettle filter

Fabricated Parts

Heat cut ribbon
Single U/S, Cold cut to lenght tube
Cold cut shaped parts